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Bhim Singh of Mewar

Bhim Singh (10 March 1768 – 30 March 1828), was the 25th Maharana (r. 1778–1828) of the Mewar region and the 1st Maharana of the Princely state of Udaipur. He was a son of Maharana Ari Singh II and younger brother of Maharana Hamir Singh II.At ten years of age, Bhim Singh succeeded his brother, Hamir Singh II, who had died at 16 years of age from a wound when a rifle burst in his hand. Hamir Singh II had ruled an unstable state with an empty treasury under a regency by Maharaj Baghsingh and Arjunsingh. →Wikipedia

महाराणा भीम सिंहビーム・シング

Depicted in

Equestrian portrait of Maharana Bhim Singh of Mewar
Maharana Bhim Singh with a hawk

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