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Kay Kāvus

Kay Kāvus (Persian: کی‌کاووس‎; Avestan: Kauui Usan); sometimes Kai-Káús or Kai-Kaus, is a mythological shah of Iran and a character in the Shāhnāmeh. He is the son of Kay Qobād and the father of prince Seyāvash. Kāvus rules Iran for one hundred and fifty years during which he is frequently though increasingly grudgingly aided by the famous hero Rostam. He is succeeded by his grandson Kai Khosrow. →Wikipedia

Kai Kawousکاووس پسر کی‌قبادКей-Кавус카이 카부스كيكاوسKay KausКайковусカーウースKay KavusKeykâvus

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Persian poet

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Kay Kavus on his flying machine
manuscript, painting1552

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