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Siyâvosh (Persian: سياووش‎) or Siyâvash (Persian: سیاوش‎), from Avestan Syâvaršan, is a major figure in Ferdowsi's epic, the Shahnameh. He was a legendary Iranian prince from the earliest days of the Iranian Empire. A handsome and desirable young man, his name literally means "the one with the black horse" or "black stallion". Ferdowsi, the author of the Book of Kings, (Shahnameh), names his horse Shabrang Behzād (Persian: شبرنگ بهزاد‎) literally "night-coloured purebred". →Wikipedia

SiyavashSiyavushSiyawaschSijovuşسیاوش پسر کاووس시야바슈SiyāvashСиявушSeyāvashسياوشСиёвушSiavashSiyovushسیاوشSeyavashSiyavuşSiyâvuş

Depicted in

The fire ordeal of Siyavush
manuscript, painting1625

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