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Vajrapāṇi (Sanskrit: "Vajra in [his] hand") is one of the earliest-appearing bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism. He is the protector and guide of Gautama Buddha and rose to symbolize the Buddha's power. Vajrapāni, also called Vajrasattva in Mahayana Buddhism, is extensively represented in Buddhist iconography as one of the earliest three protective deities or bodhisattvas surrounding the Buddha. Each of them symbolizes one of the Buddha's virtues: Manjusri manifests all the Buddhas' wisdom, Avalokiteśvara manifests all the Buddhas' immense compassion, and Vajrapāni protects Buddha and manifests all the Buddhas' power as well as the power of all five tathāgatas (Buddhahood of the rank of Buddha).Vajrapāni is one of the earliest Dharmapalas of Mahayana Buddhism and also appears as a deity in the Pali Canon of the Theravada school. →Wikipedia

Vajrapāṇi金刚手菩萨金剛手菩薩ཕྱག་ན་རྡོ་རྗེ།WadżrapaniВаджрапаниவச்ரபானிพระวัชรปาณีโพธิสัตว์VadžrapaniVadžrapániBát bộ Kim CươngWajrapaniVadzsrapániVadžrapanisВаджрапаніवज्रपानि

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Figure of Vajrapani
Standing figure of Vajrapani

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