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Minamoto no Yorimasa

Minamoto no Yorimasa (源 頼政) (1106–1180) was a prominent Japanese poet whose works appeared in various anthologies. He served eight different emperors in his long career, holding posts such as hyōgo no kami (head of the arsenal). He was also a warrior, leading the Minamoto armies at the beginning of the Genpei War. In the clashes between the Minamoto and Taira clans that had gone on for decades, Yorimasa had tried to stay out of politics, and avoided taking sides. →Wikipedia

Minamoto Jorimasa源頼政Минамото-но Ёримаса源賴政

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Tanaka Totsugen
Japanese painter
Utagawa Kunisada II
Japanese artist

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Minamoto Yorimasa gathering nuts
fan painting1800-1823
Minamoto no Yorimasa and Ii no Hayata slay the nue, while Ayame no Mae looks on

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