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The pattala (Burmese: ပတ္တလား, Burmese pronunciation: [pattəlá]; Karen: paw ku; Mon: ဗာတ် ကလာ) is a Burmese xylophone, consisting of 24 bamboo slats (called ywet / ရွက် or asan အဆံ) suspended over a boat-shaped resonating chamber. It is played with two padded mallets. The pattala is tuned similar to the diatonic scale.In pre-colonial Burma, the pattala was used in royal court music. In fact, when the piano was first introduced to the Burmese court in the late 1800s, it was tuned to the scale of the pattala.In modern days, classical Burmese chamber music is accompanied by either the pattala or the saung (the Burmese harp), both of which are capable of performing a harmonic countermelody. →Wikipedia

Depicted in

The Pattala and Chin-gwin
watercolor painting1801

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