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Vijay Singh of Marwar

Maharaja Vijay Singh Rathore (6 November 1729 – 17 July 1793), was the Raja of Marwar Kingdom (First Reign 21 September 1752 - 31 January 1753 and Second Reign September 1772 - 17 July 1793). He succeeded on the death of his father Maharaja Bakht Singh, 21 September 1752. He recovered Ajmer for a brief period and seized Godwar (from Mewar) and Amarkot. On 31 January 1753, he was deposed by his cousin Maharaja Ram Singh. →Wikipedia

Maharaja Vijay Singhヴィジャイ・シング

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Prince Vijai Singh of Nagaur, son of Bakhat Singh

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