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A musket is a muzzle-loaded long gun that appeared as a smoothbore weapon in early 16th century Europe, at first as a heavier variant of the arquebus, capable of penetrating heavy armor. By the mid-16th century, this type of musket went out of use as heavy armor declined, but as the matchlock became standard, the term musket continued as the name given for any long gun with a flintlock, and then its successors, all the way through the mid 1800s. This style of musket was retired in the 19th century when rifled muskets (simply called rifles in modern terminology) became common as a result of cartridged breech-loading firearms introduced by Casimir Lefaucheux in 1835, the invention of the Minié ball by Claude-Étienne Minié in 1849, and the first reliable repeating rifle produced by Volcanic Repeating Arms in 1854. By the time that repeating rifles became common, they were known as simply "rifles", ending the era of the musket. →Wikipedia

鸟铳鳥銃Muszkiet머스켓מוסקטmousquetmosqueteMuskétamoschettoMusketsenapan lontakMusketeマスケット銃Súng hỏa maiMusketaمسكيتMuskötFramhlaðningurMuskedoMušketaМушкетՄուշկետМускетаmisket tüfeğiปืนคาบศิลาMuschetămosquetMuskettiMosquetummuskettmušketaМускетMusketoتفنگ قدیمMuškietaBeeʼeldǫǫhمۋشكەتMwşketتفنگ فتیله‌ایعوسکەHuskeSenapang lantakMuscaedMosquetMosketeΜουσκέτο滑膛槍MouskedБараңMosqueteਮਸਕੀਟMousket

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