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Qianlong Emperor

The Qianlong Emperor (25 September 1711 – 7 February 1799) was the sixth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, and the fourth Qing emperor to rule over China proper. Born Hongli, the fourth son of the Yongzheng Emperor, he reigned officially from 11 October 1735 to 8 February 1796. On 8 February, he abdicated in favour of his son, the Jiaqing Emperor—a filial act in order not to reign longer than his grandfather, the illustrious Kangxi Emperor. Despite his retirement, however, he retained ultimate power as the Emperor Emeritus (or Retired Emperor) until his death in 1799; he thus was one of the longest-reigning de facto rulers in the history of the world, and dying at the age of 87, one of the longest-lived. →Wikipedia

Chien-lung EmperorAixinjueluo HongliHung-liHongliHong LiFatianlongyunzhichengxianjiaotiyuanlijifuwenfenwuqinmingxiaocishenshengchunhuangdiShiquanlaorenQianlongGaozongXintianzhurenChangchunjushiGuxitianzi乾隆帝Цянлунཆན་ལུང་།Čchien-lungQing Qianlongצ'יינלונגCsien-lung kínai császárKaisar Qianlong건륭제Cjaņlunsसम्राट छियानलोंगMaharaja QianlongHastiin Emperor QianlongЦяньлунQianlong-kejsarenจักรพรรดิเฉียนหลงХунліCàn LongТэнгэр тэтгэгч хаанالإمبراطور تشيان لونغQianlong-keiserenAixin-Jueluo Hongliامپراتور چیان‌لونگ清高宗Împăratul Qianlong弘曆Αυτοκράτορας ΤσιανλόνγκGièng-lè̤ng Huòng-dá̤Khiân-liông Hông-tèKôn-lùng Fòng-tiЦянь лунЌенлунгچیان‌لونقCienzlungz

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