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Zhang Fei

Shu Han general

Other names: Fei Zhang张飞Чжан ФейTrương Phiཀྲང་ཧྥེ།شانگ فیجانغ فايЧжан Фэй장비張飛เตียวหุยChông FîTiuⁿ Hui

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Depicted by

Kishi Gantai
Japanese painter
Zhou Jingxin
Chinese artist

Depicted in

Three heroes in a peach orchard
fan painting1801-1865
Zhang Fei from Romance of the Three Kingdoms
cut-paper work1987
Set of 10 papercuts of opera masks from Guan Ling and their envelope
cut-paper work1987
Three Heroes Fighting Lü Bu at Hulaoguan
The Oath in the Peach Garden
Zhang Fei Whips the Government Inspector with Anger
Liu Bei sending Zhang Fei to fight against Ma Chao

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