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Zhou Yu

Zhou Yu (pronunciation) (175–210), courtesy name Gongjin, was a military general and strategist serving under the warlord Sun Ce in the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. After Sun Ce died in the year 200, he continued serving under Sun Quan, Sun Ce's younger brother and successor. Zhou Yu is primarily known for his leading role in defeating the numerically superior forces of the northern warlord Cao Cao at the Battle of Red Cliffs in late 208, and again at the Battle of Jiangling in the same year. Zhou Yu's victories served as the rockbed of Sun Quan's regime, which in 222 became Eastern Wu, one of the Three Kingdoms. →Wikipedia

Chau YuChow YuЧжоу Юй周瑜Chu Du주유จิวยี่Chiu Jûتشو يو

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Zhou Yu pretends to be drunk while Jiang Gan steals his letter

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