Standing, also referred to as orthostasis, is a human position in which the body is held in an upright ("orthostatic") position and supported only by the feet. Although seemingly static, the body rocks slightly back and forth from the ankle in the sagittal plane. The sagittal plane bisects the body into right and left sides. The sway of quiet standing is often likened to the motion of an inverted pendulum.Standing at attention is a military standing posture, as is stand at ease, but these terms are also used in military-style organisations and in some professions which involve standing, such as modeling. →Wikipedia

orthostasisстояниеstation deboutståendeעמידהстајањеstajanjeStehende pieZutikстаяннеstaande houdingposizione erettastojKiêстоењеdempeusállás站立برپا خاستنpostawa stojącaStojկանգնումstarado

Depicted by

John Everett Millais
English painter and illustrator

Depicted in

The Return of the Dove to the Ark

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