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Cao Cao

Cao Cao (pronunciation ; [tsʰǎu tsʰáu]; Chinese: 曹操; c. 155 – 15 March 220), courtesy name Mengde, was a Chinese warlord and the penultimate Chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty who rose to great power in the final years of the dynasty. As one of the central figures of the Three Kingdoms period, he laid the foundations for what was to become the state of Cao Wei and was posthumously honoured as "Emperor Wu of Wei". He is often portrayed as a cruel and merciless tyrant in subsequent literature; however, he has also been praised as a brilliant ruler and military genius who treated his subordinates like his family. During the fall of the Eastern Han dynasty, Cao Cao was able to secure the most populated and prosperous cities of the central plains and northern China. →Wikipedia

Tsao TsaoCho Cho曹操ཚའོ་ཚའོ།조조சாவோ சாவோCáo CāoTào Tháoتساو تساو漢魏武王Цао Цаоโจโฉسائو سائوCchao CchaoÇao ÇaoЦаа Цааឆាវ ឆាវCò̤ Chó̤Chô Chhòצאו צאוTshâu Chhâuکائو کائو

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Cao Cao presenting a knife to Dong Zhuo

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