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A bellows or pair of bellows is a device constructed to furnish a strong blast of air. The simplest type consists of a flexible bag comprising a pair of rigid boards with handles joined by flexible leather sides enclosing an approximately airtight cavity which can be expanded and contracted by operating the handles, and fitted with a valve allowing air to fill the cavity when expanded, and with a tube through which the air is forced out in a stream when the cavity is compressed. It has many applications, in particular blowing on a fire to supply it with air. The term "bellows" is used by extension for a flexible bag whose volume can be changed by compression or expansion, but not used to deliver air. →Wikipedia

风箱風箱КөрүкMiech풀무מפוחsouffletFuelleதுருத்திManticeBlasebalgUbubহাপরMeginكيرBälgblaasbalgfole de ferreiroBalgoМехиKörükmanxaPaljeFollis fabrilisBlåsebelgMěchDomplėsДухалоDumplėsBlæsebælgFísibelgurМіхMijehFolplēšasMantesHauspo

Depicted in

Pah-beh-tha-ma. Blacksmith
watercolor painting1801
Htee-lot-thama. Pagoda Htee-smith
watercolor painting1801
Pa-dain-sayah. Goldsmith
watercolor painting1801

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