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A cart is a vehicle designed for transport, using two wheels and normally pulled by one or a pair of draught animals. A handcart is pulled or pushed by one or more people. It is different from a dray or wagon, which is a heavy transport vehicle with four wheels and typically two or more horses, or a carriage, which is used exclusively for transporting humans. Over time, the term "cart" has come to mean nearly any small conveyance, from shopping carts to golf carts or UTVs, without regard to number of wheels, load carried, or means of propulsion. →Wikipedia

Wózek transportowyGurdiQallapurinacharretteעגלה수레carretaCarriKézi targoncacarrettoCarroGerobakKarreጋሪkarKärraعربةcarroçaKarrétaПовозкаCarcarroCarrusKarumataRatāКаруцаارابهLikaloFaytonVežimasارباArbaАрбаkærreВізокĉaroVankerTchereteKärryսայլКрандазකරත්තGeurubhakਗੱਡਾkjerre荷車小車小车KağnıCart手推車လှည်းcrætvozík

Depicted in

Kah Gyee Thee. Dancing on cart
watercolor painting1801
Nwah-leh-pyaing. Bullock cart race
watercolor painting1801

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