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Bahram V

Bahram V (Middle Persian: 𐭥𐭫𐭧𐭫𐭠𐭭Wahrām), also known as Bahram Gor (Persian: بهرام گور‎, "Bahram the onager") was the fifteenth king (shah) of the Sasanian Empire, ruling from 420 to 438. The son of Yazdegerd I, Bahram was exiled at an early age to the Lahkmid court in al-Hira, where he was raised under the tutolage of the Lakhmid kings. After the assassination of Yazdegerd I, Bahram hurried to the Sasanian capital of Ctesiphon with an Lakhmid army, and won the favour of the nobles and priests, according to a long-existing popular legend, after withstanding a trial against two lions. Bahram V's reign was generally peaceful, with two briefs wars—first against his western neighbours, the Eastern Roman Empire, and then against his eastern neighbours, the Hephthalites, who were disturbing the Sasanian eastern provinces. →Wikipedia

Bahram GorBahram Gur巴赫拉姆五世Vahram V바흐람 5세V. Bahrám szászánida királyBahram V.بهرام جورBahram V da PérsiaBáhrám V.Бахрам VՎռամ ԵBehram VV. BehramBahrám V.بهرام گورBahram 5.Βαράμης Ε΄Bahram V av PersiaV BəhramBahromgo‘rバハラーム5世Bahram 5-sèБаһрам Vبارامی پێنجەمبہرام گور

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Nezami Ganjavi
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Bahram Gur and the shepherd who hanged his dog
Bahram Gur and the shepherd who hanged his dog

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