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Lü Bu

Lü Bu (pronunciation ) (died 7 February 199), courtesy name Fengxian, was a military general and warlord who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of Imperial China. Originally a subordinate of a minor warlord Ding Yuan, he betrayed and murdered Ding and defected to Dong Zhuo, the warlord who controlled the Han central government in the early 190s. In 192, he turned against Dong Zhuo and killed him after being instigated by Wang Yun and Shisun Rui, but was later defeated and driven away by Dong Zhuo's followers. From 192 to mid 195, Lü Bu wandered around central and northern China, consecutively seeking shelter under warlords such as Yuan Shu, Yuan Shao and Zhang Yang. →Wikipedia

Lui PoLu BuLv BuGod of War吕布呂布Lü Pu여포Люй Буลิโป้Lã Bốلو بوLū Pò͘Liu BuЛу Бу

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Zhou Jingxin
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Three Heroes Fighting Lü Bu at Hulaoguan
Lü Bu embracing Diaochan

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