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Sima Yi

Sima Yi (pronunciation ) (179 – 7 September 251), courtesy name Zhongda, was a military general, government official and regent of the state of Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He is best known for defending Wei from a series of invasions between 230 and 234 by Wei’s rival state, Shu. His success and subsequent rise to power as the regent of Wei paved the way for the establishment of the Jin dynasty (265-420), which was founded by his grandson Sima Yan. In 265, after Sima Yan became emperor, he honoured his grandfather with the posthumous title Emperor Xuan of Jin and the temple name Gaozu. →Wikipedia

Yi SimaSima Yi(2)司马懿司馬懿사마의Сыма Иสุมาอี้Tư Mã Ýسيما ييស៊ឺ ម៉ាអ៉ីSṳ̆-mā HéSu-má ÌСима Іسیما یی

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Zhou Jingxin
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Zhuge Liang playing a qin to repel Sima Yi and his army

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