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Wang Xizhi

Wang Xizhi ([wǎŋ ɕí.ʈʂɨ́]; Chinese: 王羲之; 303–361) was a Chinese writer and official who lived during the Jin Dynasty (265–420), best known for his mastery of Chinese calligraphy. Wang is generally regarded as the greatest Chinese calligrapher in history, and was a master of all forms of Chinese calligraphy, especially the running script. Furthermore, he is known as one of the Four Talented Calligraphers (四賢) in Chinese calligraphy. Emperor Taizong of Tang admired his works so much that the original Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion (or Lanting Xu) was said to be buried with the emperor in his mausoleum. →Wikipedia

右军Yu-chün WangGishi ŌHŭi-ji WangYoujunXizhi WangHŭ-ji WangHsi-chih Wang王右军Wang Hsi-chih王羲之I-shao WangGi-Shi ŌYoujun Wang王逸少ShaoyiYu-chünYishao WangÔng Hi-chiཝང་ཞི་ཀྲི།Ван Сичжи왕희지Ван Січжиوانگ ژی‌چیVương Hi ChiWong Hi-ziWang Si-č’

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Wang Xizhi writing calligraphy on a fan
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