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Agni ( AG-nee, Sanskrit: अग्नि, Pali: Aggi, Malay: Api) is a Sanskrit word meaning fire, and connotes the Vedic fire god of Hinduism. He is also the guardian deity of the southeast direction, and is typically found in southeast corners of Hindu temples. In the classical cosmology of the Indian religions, Agni as fire is one of the five inert impermanent constituents (Dhatus) along with space (Akasha/Dyaus), water (Jal/Varuna), air (Vayu) and earth (Prithvi), the five combining to form the empirically perceived material existence (Prakriti).In Vedic literature, Agni is a major and oft-invoked god along with Indra and Soma. Agni is considered the mouth of the gods and goddesses, and the medium that conveys offerings to them in a homa (votive ritual). →Wikipedia

TejasAgnio阿耆尼Agni, Shorapurઅગ્નિآجنيАгниAgnisਅਗਨੀพระอัคนีఅగ్ని (దేవుడు)অগ্নিஅக்னி தேவன்АгніАґніآگنیअग्नि देवアグニഅഗ്നിദേവൻაგნი아그니අග්නි (දෙවියන්)Dewa Agniअग्नी (देवता)अग्निःଅଗ୍ନିअग्निاگنی میزائلಅಗ್ನಿئاگنیअग्नी (देव)اگنيאגניاگنی

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Figure of Agni, god of fire

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