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Ariwara no Narihira

Ariwara no Narihira (在原 業平, 825–880) was a Japanese courtier and waka poet of the early Heian period. He was named one of both the Six Poetic Geniuses and the Thirty-Six Poetic Geniuses, and one of his poems was included in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu collection. He is also known as Zai Go-Chūjō, Zai Go, Zai Chūjō or Mukashi-Otoko. There are 87 poems attributed to Narihira in court anthologies, though some attributions are dubious. →Wikipedia

Zai Go-ChūjōZai Go-ChujoZai GoZai ChūjōZai ChujoMukashi-OtokoZai Go ChujoZai GochujoMukashi OtokoAriwara NarihiraNarihira Ariwara在原业平在原業平아리와라노 나리히라Аривара-но НарихираАрівара но Наріхіраარივარა ნარიჰირა在原業平,अरिवारा नो नारिहिराArivara no Narihira

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Suzuki Nanrei
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Ariwara no Narihira on horseback
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Album of figures and flowers
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Thirty-six immortal poets
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