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Ali Adil Shah II

On the death of Mohammed Adil Shah on November 4, 1656, Ali Adil Shah II, a youth of eighteen, succeeded to the throne of Bijapur through the efforts of the Prime Minister Khan Muhammad and the Queen, Badi Sahiba, sister of Qutb Shah of Golkonda. His accession signaled disasters to the Kingdom and his reign marked the first phase of the decline of the mighty Bijapur Kingdom. Shah Jahan, anxious to annex Bijapur to his empire, found a pretext in the legitimacy of Alis parents. On Aurangzeb’s plea, Shah Jahan sanctioned the invasion of Bijapur and gave him a free hand to deal with the situation. →Wikipedia

ಅಲಿ ಆದಿಲ್ ಷಾ IIアリー・アーディル・シャー2世Алі Аділ-шах IIعلی عادل‌شاه دوم

Depicted in

Sultan Ali Adil Shah II in camp
Sultan Ali Adil Shah II hunting a tiger

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