Ghazi ud-Din Khan Feroze Jung I

Mir Shahâb ud-Din Siddiqi titled Farzand-i-Arjumand, Nawab Ghazi ud-din Khan Siddiqi Bayafandi Bahadur, Feroze Jung I, Sipah Salar (c. 1649–1710) was the son of Kilich Khan Khwaja Abid Khan Siddiqi Bayafandi the Sadr us Sudur of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and was raised to the rank of an Amir with the initial titles of Ghazi ud-Din Bahadur Khan and later Feroze Jung after his father's death. He was commander and chief at the Siege of Golkonda Fort in 1686 when Emperor Aurangzeb personally conquered Golkonda Sultanate taking the last Sultan Abul Hasan Qutb Shah prisoner. →Wikipedia

ഗാസി ഉദ്ദീൻ ഖാൻ ഫിറോസ് ജംഗ് ഒന്നാമൻガーズィー・ウッディーン・ハーンغازی الدین خان فیروز جنگ اول

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A harem party of Nawab Ghazi ad-Din Khan, governor of Gujarat 1707-1710. Court scene
watercolor painting1701

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