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Minamoto no Yorimitsu

Minamoto no Yorimitsu (源 頼光, 948 – August 29, 1021), also known as Minamoto no Raikō, served the regents of the Fujiwara clan along with his brother Yorinobu, taking the violent measures the Fujiwara were themselves unable to take. He is one of the earliest Minamoto of historical note for his military exploits, and is known for quelling the bandits of Ōeyama. His loyal service earned him the governorships of Izu Province, Kozuke and a number of others in turn, as well as a number of other high government positions. Yorimitsu served as commander of a regiment of the Imperial Guard, and as a secretary in the Ministry of War. →Wikipedia

میناموتو نو یوری میتسو源頼光미나모토노 요리미쓰Yorimitsu源賴光

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Utagawa Kuniyoshi
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The Earth Spider Conjures up Demons at the Mansion of Minamoto Raikō

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