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For the historical Sasanian general who fought at the Battle of al-Qādisiyyah, also mentioned in the Shahnameh, see Rostam Farrokhzād.

Rostam or Rustam (Persian: رُستَم‎, pronounced [ɾos'tæm, ɾʊs'tæm]) is the most celebrated legendary hero in Shahnameh and Iranian mythology. In Shahnameh, Rostam and his predecessors are Marzbans of Sistan (present-day Iran and Afghanistan). Rostam is best known for his tragic fight with Esfandiar, the other legendary Iranian hero, for his expedition to Mazandaran (not to be confused with the modern Mazandaran province), and for his mournful fight with his son, Sohrab, who was killed in the battle. Rostam was eventually killed by Shaghad, his half-brother. →Wikipedia

RustamރުސްތުމްRistemê ZalРустамRüstemロスタムرستمरुस्तमרוסתםRustem魯斯塔姆魯斯坦姆鲁斯坦姆Ростам

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Persian poet

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Rustam captures Barzu
manuscript, painting1601-1700
Rustam's battle against the king of Hamavaran
manuscript, painting1751-1850
Rustam killing the White Div
manuscript, painting1751-1850
Rustam kills the White Div
manuscript, painting1900

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