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Ivory is a hard, white material from the tusks (traditionally elephants') and teeth of animals, that can be used in art or manufacturing. It consists mainly of dentine, one of the physical structures of teeth and tusks. The chemical structure of the teeth and tusks of mammals is the same, regardless of the species of origin. The trade in certain teeth and tusks other than elephant is well established and widespread; therefore, "ivory" can correctly be used to describe any mammalian teeth or tusks of commercial interest which are large enough to be carved or scrimshawed. →Wikipedia

белая костьIvoorvoriعاجܓܪܡܦܝܠܐgadingOlifanteburomarfilbolinorsunluuivoireIvoarשנהבहाथीदाँतBjelokostGadingIvoroavorio象牙상아Eburmpɛ́mbɛ́ ya nzɔkudramblio kaulasဆင်စွယ်ivoorIviéthemarfimfildeșFildişiGadíngMarfilziloņkaulsকরিদন্তEabharකැපූ ක්‍ෂීරපායී දළevòriآئیوریՓղոսկրงาช้างNgàதந்தம்eevoryCioszubovinaСлонова кісткаElfenbein

Depicted by

Kun Can
Chinese painter
Henri Michel
Belgian engineer and historian of astronomy

Female figure wearing jewellery
Female figure with a tall headress
Head of the Virgin Mary
Landscape with waterfalls and trees
hanging scroll1636
A lama of the Gelugpa sect
Bahadur Shah Zafur
Okimono, or ornament, in the form of a devil throwing beans at the Setsubun festival
Okimono, or ornament, in the form of a monkey holding a branch
Figure of an adult elephant
Linear Astrolabe

Depicted in

Pan-bu-sayah. Master carver
watercolor painting1801

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