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Rishabhanatha (also Ṛṣabhadeva, Rishabhadeva, or Ṛṣabha which literally means "bull") is the first Tirthankara (ford maker) in Jainism. A mythical leader, he is believed in Jainism to have lived millions of years ago. He was the first of twenty-four teachers in the present half-cycle of time in Jain cosmology, and called a "ford maker" because his teachings helped one across the sea of interminable rebirths and deaths (saṃsāra). He is also known as Ādinātha of Jainism which translates into "First (Adi) Lord (nātha)", as well as Adishvara (first ishvara), Yugadideva (deva of yuga), Prathamaraja (first king), and Nebheya (son of Nabhi). →Wikipedia

ĀdināthaRishabha devRushabhnathRishabhaAdinathaIkshvakuঋষভઋષભ દેવऋषभदेवಆದಿನಾಥऋषभदेवः तीर्थङ्करःవృషభనాథుడుРишабхаResabaഋഷഭரிசபதேவர்ऋषभ देवਰਿਸ਼ਵਦੇਵRisabhaଋଷଭଦେବリシャバ (ジャイナ教)رشبھ ناتھ里沙巴那

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Seated figure of Rishabhanatha, the first Tirthankara
Figure of Rishabhanatha with attendants

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