Watercolor painting

flat surface artistically covered with watercolor paint

aquarellewatercolourwatercolour paintingaquarel·laакварельная живописьakvarelAquarellaquarelacuareladipinto ad acquerelloakwarelaaquarelaakvarellidourlivadurakvarelová malbaakvarellакварэльны жывапісջրաներկакварельний живописakvareloakvarelis

Alamgir [or Shah Jehan?] holding a sword
Azam Shah
Procession of Nawab Shuja' ud-Daula at Faizabad
A harem party of Nawab Ghazi ad-Din Khan, governor of Gujarat 1707-1710. Court scene
Cremation scene with Kali and Shiva
Lion hunt
Hunters and a tiger in a landscape
Battle of soldiers mounted on elephants and horses
Fighting camels, with a window portrait of the Virgin Mary
A lady watching amorous doves
Buffoons performing on a terrace
Hunting deer by chariot
Princes of the House of Timur
Muhammadshah with courtiers
Hafiz Allah Khan holding a flower
Ghulam Husainkhan Bahadur with a child under a canopy
Jahangir, bust profile portrait in oval
Rajah Gopal Singh
Nawab Sa'd-allahkhan, the wazir of Shajahan, d. 1656, with sword and shield
Ladies on a terrace embracing, attended by servants with wine and music
Ladies embracing, attended by servants with wine and music, and a servant with a peacock fan
Two ladies seated on a sofa
Rajah Madho Anal and Rani Kamkandla in garden
A large assembly in Shajahanabad
Religious meeting at night, held by Shah Madar
Bhil tribesmen and women hunting by night
Rope-dancers profile in window
Krishna and ladies in a garden with peacocks
Krishna being adored by ladies, watched by monkeys in trees and by cattle
Lakshmi, with four arms, holding a lotus and a conch shell
Krishna in a garden
Polo match contested between several gods including Hanuman, the monkey-headed god
Rama, Sita, and Hanuman
Second incarnation or avatar of Vishnu, Kurma the turtle
Kali killing evil demons
Assembly of the gods
Baudee-Pallin: The Phra in Meditation
Gaudama Buddha
Shin-Bin-Tha-Lyoung. The Reclining Phra
A Zay-dee. Memorial column
Hpon-gyee Kyoung. Monasteries
Hpon-gyee Kyoung. A monastery (I)
Hpon-gyee Kyoung. A monastery (II)
Shin pyu-thi. Entering the novitiate
Profession of a Buddhist novice
Hpon-gyee. A Buddhist monk
May-thee-la-shin. Burmese nuns
Warners to worship. Neigh-ban-zaw
Neighban-zau. A preacher of Neighban (I)
Neighban-zau. A preacher of Neighban (II)
Yahan Chwa Thee. Rahan's procession
Yahan-sun-can-thee. Rahans receiving offerings
Sun-gyee-loung. A grand distribution of alms
A Dohn Yok
Mee-thin-gyo-thee. Cremation
New Year's Eve feast
Water feast. Burmese New Year
New Year lustrations
Matayah-koung-elm. A Burmese house
A Burmese House
Eim-gyoung. Burmese lay-schools
Burmese Rebeccas at the well
Goong-shau-tee. Head washing
Wut-leh-kan. The dressing room
Hnin-hnait-thee. Shampooing (I)
Hnin-hnait-thee. Shampooing (II)
Yay-o-zin. Water stand
Hto-kwin-hto-thee. Tattooing
Bazaar women
A Burmese family at dinner
Kah Gyee Thee. Dancing on cart
Ma-tha. A Burmese funeral
Tallah Pya-that. Funeral car and spire
A walking funeral
Warp making for weaving
Yek-can Yek. Weaving
O-thain-tha-ma. Potters
Wah-boung. Bamboo raft
Wah-yet-tha-ma. Bamboo weavers
Thit Phaung. Timber raft
Sin-mya. Elephant
Hlwah-teik-thama. Sawyers
Burmese carpenter (I)
Burmese carpenter (II)
Burmese carpenter (III)
Burmese carpenter (IV)
Pah-beh-tha-ma. Blacksmith
Htee-lot-thama. Pagoda Htee-smith
Pa-dain-sayah. Goldsmith
Ngway-pallah. Silver cups
Burmese jewellery
Pan-bu-sayah. Master carver
Pa-nat-thee. Sandal maker
Htee-lot-tha-ma. Umbrella makers
Cigar making
Dooyin-young-thee. Burmese fruit-seller
Mangosteen fruit-seller
Keh-lan-gyoung. Rice sticks
See-young-tha-ma. Oil seller
Ta-nga-thee. Fishermen
Gna-young-thee. Fish seller
A-tee-young-thee. A Burmese milliner
Zat-pweh. Burmese drama
Beloo and Belooma
Yok-thay-pweh. Marionettes
Burmese harps - Soung
Saing. Musical instruments
The Pattala and Chin-gwin
Burmese and Karen musicians and dancers (I)
Burmese and Karen musicians and dancers (II)
Mee-boung Hymau. Floating lights
Burmese prima donna. Music on the water
Mee-eim-byan. Fire balloon
Yay-koo-thee. Swimming
Hlay Pyaing Poay. Boat-race
Lek-pwe-that Thee. Boxing match
Chin-lon Katthee. Foot-ball
A-lam-beh-sa-yah. A snake charmer
A bull fight (I)
A bull fight (II)
A buffalo fight
Myin-pyaing. Horse race (I)
Myin-pyaing. Horse race (II)
Nwah-leh-pyaing. Bullock cart race
Buffaloes ploughing. Leh-htoon-thee
Sabah yait thee. Rice reaping
Threshing paddy. Sabah-neh-thee
Dohn-lay. Solid hull boat
Sat-lay. Built boat
Dunnee-yay. Dunnee-toddy
Burmese braves
Lek-net-kareeya. Arms
Thaman Chah. Tree Tiger
Shahjahan holding a jewel

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