any piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface

ملصقYatiqawi laphiPosterПлакатcartellplakátplakatPlakatΑφίσαafiŝoپوسترjulisteafficheCartelכרזהPlakátAfishomanifestoポスターპოსტერი포스터Afišaplakātsплакатപോസ്റ്റർcartazPlagátAfisheAffischerசுவரொட்டிใบปิดAfişÁp phíchAfitche海報cartelCartelluPóstaerKartelskritellpôsterпостерCartelu

Chairman Mao Talking with Shepherds
The East is Red
Chairman Mao talking to a group of workers
At the Happy Hearth of the Motherland
Chairman Mao talking to farmers in a spring landscape
Chairman Mao seated by a lake
Long Live Our Great Leader Chairman Mao
Chairman Mao on the Way to Anyuan
Chairman Mao in Zhongnanhai
Preparing for the enemy
Surveying the Mine
New Aspects of Lake Tai
On the Banks of the Yangzi River
Turning a Deep Chasm into a Thoroughfare
Miyun Reservoir
Great Struggle at Quyuhe
Characters from the revolutionary operas
Unite in Struggle, Oppose Imperialism, Oppose Hegemony
Long Live the Great People's Republic of China
Unite for Greater Victory!
Workers of the World, Unite!
Praising Yan'an
The Great Historical Documents
Chairman Mao and crowd at Tiananmen Square
Figures with red banners
Presenting Fine Paintings to Chairman Mao

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